Apple Is Back With It’s Most Famous iPhone Ad.

Apple Is Back With It’s Most Famous iPhone Ad.

iPhone is a phone that you cannot ignore no matter what. Apple advertises for it crazily and spends tons and tons of money on it every year. The result that it gets are ground breaking and chart busting.

Apple is known for making one of the most famous ad in the tech industry – The 1984 “Think Different” and it keeps on releasing newer and better ads. But since the last 2-3 years, Apple hasn’t released any special ad that attracted a lot of customers towards it.

In 2010, Apple released an ad for iPhone 4 that quickly became the most trending advertisement of the year. It won many awards for it’s simple yet deep line – “If you don’t have an iPhone,Well, you don’t have an iPhone”.

Now the exciting part is, Apple is back with it! The new ads have quickly become Apple’s youtube channel’s most watched ads. The line is quite similar – “If it’s not an iPhone…It’s not an iPhone!”.

Here are the two ads that you can quickly watch:-


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