Big Basket Is Winning The Online Grocery War

Big Basket

Big Basket Is Winning The Online Grocery War

Big Basket

So Recently, I decided to order grocery online just for the sake of giving it a try. I had heard of various websites that let you order grocery online but the ones that struck me as soon as I took this decision were Grofers and Big Basket.

Now, I decided to try Grofers first. I went on their website and then realised that it is an app-only service sigh. I installed their app and went on to discover what all I needed for home. To my surprise (actually my mom’s surprise), All the products were listed at a price which was inflated by atleast 10-20% , depending on the price of the product. Personally, I found this to be a major letdown. People normally go online to buy products at a price lower than the normal market price, much less atleast¬†at the MRP but the inflated costs only made it even more evident as to why Grofers is a failing startup.

Disappointed by this experience, I was disheartened that online grocery shopping was still in a bad shape and I almost didn’t even bother to try Big Basket. Then, Since I was sitting at my laptop anyway I decided to give it a shot after some time.

To my surprise, The prices were lower than the MRP (Exactly what I was expecting of Grofers) on many products and there were various offers on many a products. This was an instant delight after what I had been offered by Grofers. I successfully and hassle-freely purchased what I wanted and appreciated the guys doing this awesome job @ Big Basket.

The point of this article is in no way to bash Grofers, But to let them know of their shortcomings and praise a worthy competitor. The online grocery scene in India is still a bit messy and uncertain and I definitely want it to evolve as soon as possible.

But for now, Big Basket is the clear winner for me.

What are your views on this article? Which one do you prefer to order online Grocery? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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