Here Is Why I Am Finally Dumping Yahoo Mail

Dumping Yahoo mail

Dumping Yahoo mail

Here Is Why I Am Finally Dumping Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! has a special place in my heart. The first ever website I visited on the internet was Yahoo News. My first ever email address was registered on Yahoo Mail. I checked cricket scores on Yahoo sports and so on. But as time passed, I have grown more and more skeptical of the company. 

Although my Yahoo Mail ID is still in heavy use across a multitude of sites, I am finally ditching it in favour of Gmail. I know I am 5 years too late, but letting go of Yahoo was not particularly easy. All of my social networks currently run on Yahoo along with every other possible site I have ever visited, transitioning to Gmail was hence a long and taxing process.

This was not at all a voluntary move, but rather a forced one. Over 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised according to the company in an official statement released this monday. The hackers walked away with passwords of every single user in existence on Yahoo in 2013. Although a company can make mistakes, and security breached do happen with a lot of companies but with Yahoo’s case, this is not the only one in recent times. Accounts have been compromised repeatedly in Yahoo’s jurisdiction and the company makes no new amends to its security. As a user, I have grown tired of changing my password again and again.

The next thing that I am tired of is the gross user experience of Yahoo Mail. Apart from the fact that the inbox is poorly designed, the navigating experience is slow and annoying fot the most part. Yahoo needs to understand that we do not want fancy looking themes that bloat and delay the runtime of your website. We just need a reliable reading experience to our e-mails.

Another factor of concern for me is the growing incompatibility of Yahoo Mail with latest devices and softwares. The Yahoo API is increasingly incompatible with the every new release of iOS or Android, with users being forced to login several times a month to retain their inbox on the default e-mail client. Unavailable attachements, Text incompatibility etc are also annoying for the users.

The culmination of all these factors has made me permanently ditch Yahoo Mail and instilled in me a sense of nostalgia as I remember the good ol’ days of Yahoo.

Please get your Mojo back Yahoo.

– A frustrated Yahoo lover.


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