Facebook has lost it’s charm, People need a new social network.


Facebook was perhaps the best thing to happen to social networking sites over the last decade. Facebook was kind of a revolution in terms of connecting people after the phone. Everybody loved Facebook and teens were online 24/7, but over the last few years, people are dumping the giant for other alternatives that are more attractive,new and offer a better user interface. Teens don’t want to use the same social network that their parents use (Obviously) and alternatives like SnapChat,Instagram and Twitter are coming into fashion. Only this is not the problem, Facebook hasn’t changed it’s user interface much over the last few years and hasn’t introduced any new major feature. The last major feature that it introduced was Timeline, and that was a loooonnggg time ago in terms of tech world. Mark Zuckerberg is focusing more on charity than improving his products, Somebody has to give him a wake up call to stop acting like Bill Gates all the time. In the end, We all can’t help but agree that if anybody,anywhere and anytime soon launches a better,faster and “newer” alternative to Facebook, It will be a massive hit. People are ready to dump Facebook due to it’s “No new feature policy” over the last few years. People don’t want to make short videos as to how there year went on Facebook but rather they want to have more ways to communicate because after all that is the sole purpose of a social network. People are now using Facebook as “FlauntBook”, I don’t blame this on Facebook, but Still I partially blame Facebook for this too (Yes,Seriously). All I can say is that Facebook please up your game soon or you’re going down.

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