Apple Watch is a product that I have mixed feelings about – sometimes I love it for its silly Toy Story animations and quick-glance notifications; other times, I hate it for its lack of use cases and slow processing speed. 

However, lately, I’ve been exploring the App Store and have found out some amazing apps that have made me wear my watch again:- 

1) V for Wikipedia

V for Wikipedia is one of the best Wikipedia clients available for the Apple Watch – a great user interface, bookmarking, dictation etc. Ever want to search about a subject or maybe prove somebody wrong about a topic? Just click on the app and dictate whatever you want to search for – as easy as that. 

2) Workflow

Workflow is perhaps the most famous app on this list – and for a good reason. It is literally an app that will automate everything for you at the click of a button – from reading you top stories from the world to giving you directions to the nearest McDonalds. You can even create your own workflows – like reminding you to buy eggs when you finish your workout on the Apple Watch. Quite simply, a must download.

3) Numerics

In a world where statistics drive everything – Numerics is THE app to have on your wrist. Be it checking your count of youtube subscribers, or your app revenue, or the number of people that visited your blog – Numerics provides an easy way to keep track of all the data you want to see. It also gives important updates when your statistics have a huge shift in numbers. The best part is that you don’t even have to open the app – a widget with your stats will be available on the watch face.

4) Hindsight

Hindsight is a multipurpose time tracker that keeps records of when you did a certain activity. I say ‘multipurpose’ because it can be used for things as silly as keeping track of the last time you ate pizza to important things like when you took your last medicine or drank water. I find it extremely fun to monitor my graph of occurrences – seeing my frequency of playing games go astronomically high on weekends and then diminish on Monday. 

5) Drafts

The last app on our list is Drafts which, as the name suggests, quite simply lets you note drafts. It is surprisingly useful in situations when you quickly want to jot down something – be it the billion dollar idea that you just thought of, or an interesting detail about the place you’re visiting, or just your grocery list. 

That’s all for this list folks! Hope you find these apps useful in your day to day lives – stay productive!


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