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This year we are going to experience the biggest iPhone launch for sure. It’s not going to be because Apple is going to introduce something game changing or something mind blowing, It’s also not going to be because it’s an incremental number upgrade (7 from 6), It’s going to be because there is no competition.

While the launch of iPhone 7 was destined to be a big launch anyway, it was not expected to be as grand as it will be now. This week we saw the acclaimed Samsung Note 7 feel the dust as Samsung is facing a worldwide embarrassment after reports of exploding Note 7s all around the world started emerging causing a complete recall of all the devices (Somebody also got fired). Furthermore, Today reports of exploding Galaxy S7s also started emerging of which the consequences can be lethal for Samsung.

That makes iPhone 7 sales unstoppable with no competitor to compete with in the flagship segment except HTC , whose sales are anyways dwindling.  While the lack of new design may be a deal breaker for some, The addition of the rumoured Airpods may more than make up for it.

With a higher resolution screen, A 12 Megapixel camera and upgrading the minimum storage to 32Gb, Apple is expected to  entice users to buy it’s latest offering and has definitely upped it’s ante.

I hope the iPhone gets some competition, Just for the sake of spicing things up. Otherwise, It will just be a plain old iPhone victory where we will see records shatter for obvious reasons – There is nobody to challenge.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Biggest iPhone Launch

    1. OnePlus and Motorola don’t compete in the premium flagships segment.

      A businessperson/executive looking for a phone would definitely not acknowledge OnePlus or Motorola in any way.

      I think that only Samsung and HTC are the competitors Apple really has to care about.

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