How To Get Started With iOS Development

How To Get Started With iOS Development (2017)

How To Get Started With iOS Development

“How To Get Started With iOS Development ?” – This is a question that has been asked to me many a times; So I finally decided to write an article for all the beginners just getting hands on iOS development. 

First Off, The best programming language to currently start developing iOS applications is Swift. Do not even consider Objective-C. The future is definitely swift and with upcoming updates Apple might altogether eliminate Objective-C as an option. Apple just launched Swift 3.0 and you can read all about it on

How To Get Started With iOS Development
Swift 3.0


Now, As for the essentials, There aren’t too many but you’ll still need them to even get started.

1) Mac

How To Get Started With iOS Development
Mac is a must

Get this in your head – You’ll need a Mac. No matter how many tricks and tutorials are out there that tell you to download Hackintosh or run MacOS on a Virtual machine – If you’re serious about iOS development and want to publish apps as soon as possible, Get a Mac. It doesn’t matter if you get a mac mini, macbook pro or an iMac , Just get a Mac.

2) Xcode

How To Get Started With iOS Development

This is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you’ll need to develop apps. This is the only official software recognised by Apple that you can use to develop apps. Fortunately, It also is the best software out there. It has ALL the features you will need to get going and is the easiest to get the hang of.

3) Apple Developer Account

How To Get Started With iOS Development
Sign Up for Free.

You’ll need an Apple Developer Account to test various features of your app like Push Notifications, SSL Security etc. You’ll also need it to test your app on your iDevice before publishing it to the App Store. Worry Not, Making an Apple Developer Account is absolutely free of cost. Just head over to Apple Developer and Sign Up! This will open up all the resources you need to test your app.

However, If you want to publish your app to the App Store, You’ll need to register for the Apple Developer Membership which will cost you $99 every year.

It may be hard to digest but these are the only three things you need to get started with iOS Development – but these are not enough to make the next killer app. The difference between an ordinary app and an extraordinary app is that little “extra”.


1) CocoaPods

How To Get Started With iOS Development
Dependancy Manager present in 1.9 Million Apps

This is the additional part of the iOS development process – but it becomes a necessity as you progress. No iOS developer really writes all his code himself. Development is all about sharing your knowledge and helping other developers save time too. CocoaPods is basically a library installer with which you can use other people’s beautifully written code and embed it into your project. It can be easily installed using the terminal on your Mac. You can read more about it on

2) Git

How To Get Started With iOS Development
Git is Awesome!

Git is there for you when you need to backup your app and experiment with it’s features or if you’re working on a project with multiple features. It helps you keep a backup of all your app versions and to help you easily collaborate with everybody. The concept of push and pull comes in handy with which you can easily code one part of the app and the other person can code the other part and you can both be updated with the latest project file without any effort. 

Git is operated using your mac’s terminal. Here is a tutorial that will help you out Git Source Control In Xcode.

Courses & Resources

How To Get Started With iOS Development
The Bible Of Developers

You may need some courses to get you started with the basics of swift. These may not be essential if you’re willing to dig out and read Apple’s Swift Documentation but they certainly ease out the learning curve. There are only two courses available on Udemy that I recommend to anybody and they are –

1) The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

2) iOS 10 & Swift 3 : From Beginner to Paid Professional

There also other website that’ll help you with tutorials –

1) Ray Wenderlich

2) AppCoda

If none of the tutorials or courses can help you, There is the king of all development sites at your disposal – The one and only bible for all devs where you can ask any query – Stack Overflow

I hope that this article helps you out to get started with iOS development and guides you in the right direction. If you have any other doubt or query, Please don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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