Here Is Why Quiz Up Can Be The Next Big Social Network.


Here Is Why Quiz Up Can Be The Next Big Social Network.

So Today, Vanilla Games, The company behind the world’s biggest trivia game – Quiz Up, Released a major update after over an year of hardwork that has changed how people look at Quiz Up.

Quiz Up blew off in 2013 after getting highly acclaimed for it’s twilight quizzes. After that Vanilla Games quickly understood the potential of the app, That it can be a place where users share their interests and meet new people to test their knowledge in a particular field and today, They have achieved just that.

Today’s update has officially turned Quiz Up into a full fledged social network but they have still kept the roots of the app, i.e, Competing with players around the world on a topic of your choice.

The Company as of yesterday boasted of about 33 million users that played over 7 million games everyday and an average user spent atleast a shocking half an hour on the app. In terms of interests, the QuizUp database now has more than 12,000 different topics, some with a few dozen die-hard fans and some with thousands of participants who want to be tested on their knowledge of that category.

Along with the new social features, They have completely redesigned the UI with a minimal approach,attractive and funky colours while still retaining the simplicity. The new UI features a main category store, with various interests and topics getting their very own icon. Clicking into one of those interests will show you a forum around it with comment threading, likes, and photo-sharing.

What they are trying to do here is make this a place where people with  common interests meet each other and share their knowledge.

“We found that people were making friends through QuizUp,” said Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO. “When you are able to choose your topic, you are really describing one of your interests and interacting with someone who has that in common with you. So it makes sense for that to develop into a friendship.”

Some of the few exciting new features include people search, user profiles, comment threads, forums, and even its own chat/DM system. The comments can also be sorted out as Best/Recent which is a nice little add on. Users can also search for a specific type of user through the people search, which lets you filter by location, age, and gender to find other user’s to play, follow, or chat with. The user’s page is as good as it can get, With your profile and cover pics on the top and your interests, Win/Defeat history below. Users can also now share content on a particular topic and it will reach out to all those who are following that topic. This system of content sharing is the next big thing for a social network, Because it reaches to exactly the people who are really interested.

One more reason why Quiz Up can grow quickly now is because it is now also available for desktop, Which means users can be connected from any device and play the game with their friends for hours.

This move from QuizUp has been highly successful till now, As the app is being featured everywhere for it’s commendable update after losing it’s charm. We hope that QuizUp can pave it’s way to the top.

In many ways, the QuizUp revamp doubles down on what made Plain Vanilla Games originally successful, which was the wide range of interests and topics to choose from.

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