iOS 10
iOS 10. Coming This Fall

iOS 10.

Just now, Apple has finally taken covers off the much awaited iOS 10 and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Apple is known for adding a personal touch to all it’s devices and that’s just what it has done this time with iOS 10 – It’s more personal than ever before.

Apple showcased some major features this morning and they are as follows:-

1. Lock Screen Changes

iOS 10

Apple has completely redesigned the home screen with rich preview of notifications which on 3D-Touch can act as mini apps that are fully functional and can prove to be very useful if you are short on time. Also, a slide to the right opens the widgets and today view with interactive widgets incorporated. A swipe to the left gives an easy shortcut to camera.

iOS 10
A swipe to the right.

Now, With the iPhone 6S, The fingerprint scanner was so fast that people were unable to view their notifications on the lock screen, To prevent this Apple has implemented raise to see where you can simply raise the phone to view your notifications.

iOS 10
The new lockscreen. Where is slide to unlock?!
iOS 10
Interactive Notifications

2. Siri!

iOS 10
Book A Ride!

Siri has gotten smarter this year beyond our wildest imaginations. It can now book a ride for you, send a text on a 3rd party application but that is not all. To explain what it can do, Let’s take an example – Suppose if somebody asks you about someone’s number on message/E-mail, Siri will intelligently scan through your contacts and provide you with the number in the keyboard’s quicktype suggestions. Siri will scan every message for you to be able to respond as fast as possible. It can be anything from e-mail addresses, your location etc.

iOS 10

Also, Another major change is that now Siri is open for developers to incorporate their apps within it. This means that you can access 3rd party contents right in the siri menu. You can do things like “Siri, Show me a funny Youtube Video” and Siri will scan the internet for the most trending funny video (whether you have already watched the video will also be taken into account) and display the results!

iOS 10
Fitness Apps Taking Advantage Of Siri

3. Photos

Apple has completely changed the technology and interface behind Photos. Now, your iPhone will inculcate Face Recognition and Object recognition right into the Photos app and photos can be sorted according to that.

iOS 10
Sort Photos using faces, objects or locations

Also, Craig Federeghi announced that we often click photos and forget about the core values behind them – The memories. To enhance this value and to give a personalised touch, iPhone will now automatically create “Memories” which are short videos of your trips, best photos of the year, some location etc. Now, You can also edit the videos with different moods and lengths if you don’t like the AI designed video.

iOS 10
Automatic Memories

4. Message

The message app has been completely revolutionised and has received features that are pretty much unheard of.

The messaging app automatically scans for emojis that can be inserted by scanning what you’ve written in the message.



Also, Now you can insert handwritten messages on videos , photos, or just sketch them on the whiteboard.

My personal favourite are the new bubble effects. Now, For a long time messages are just pre set bubbles that contain messages of ALL kinds. Now, Some messages want to display some emotion and just sending them does not convey the intended feelings that you wanted to show. The element of surprise and magic are also lost when you simply send a message that is meant to convey something much bigger than just a normal text message. So Apple has introduced bubble effects that can do it for you.

Here are two example :-



You just have to swipe to reveal the text, Magically.


And sometimes, Just bubble effects are not enough for celebrations. Grander effects are achieved by using the whole screen to display an emotion.

For example, Nothing says Happy New Year quite like this:-



Also new is the integration of 3rd party apps in message app. With quick replies, smart sketching, bubble effects, full screen effects, and 3rd party integration, The new message app throws every other messaging app out of the water.

5. Redesigned Apple Music , Apple News and Maps

Apple has completely redesigned the core new apps of the ecosystem – Apple Music, Apple News and Maps. 3rd Party integration seemed to be the theme of the event with Maps also integrating 3rd party apps like Uber, Tensen etc.

iOS 10
The New Maps

Apple Music has a new UI that is more simplistic and elegant and Apple news also gets a facelift.

iOS 10

There are tons of features like Notes collaboration, Stickers on photos, Live Photos editing etc. that I would be leaving right now! iOS 10 is definitely a very major release from Apple’s part and it also opens a plethora of opportunities for developers as every core app now has 3rd party integration along with Siri.

What do you think? Let us know below.



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