iPhone 7 Is Here

iPhone 7 Is Here

iPhone 7 Is Here

iPhone 7 Is Here
The new Jet Black

So, The iPhone 7 just dropped in and all that was rumoured was true. It now drops the headphone jack, introduces two new colours (Jet Black and Black) , gets the new improved camera and is driven by the A10 Fusion Chip. The storage capacity has been doubled to 32Gb, 128Gb and 256Gb respectively. The iPhone is also now waterproof and dustproof and has gotten IP67 certified for the first time. Pricing will remain the same. That is pretty much it.

We also got the new Apple Watch Series 2 with in built GPS and new bands and a ceramic white edition. The watch is now swim and surf proof , basically means you can go anywhere with it. Also they have implemented a real cool mechanism where the speakers will remove any water if it is trapped inside your watch.That is it for Apple Watch.

Apple also introduced the new AirPods which come at a pretty hefty price of 159$ and will NOT ship with the iPhone 7, You will have to purchase them separately. The iPhone 7 comes with stupid lightning earpods. The Airpods have over 5 hours of battery life and they also come in a small case which also charges it and can provide over 24 hours of listening time. The case needs to be charged via a lightning cable. 

The event was Okay-Ish since everything we saw was already leaked. The iPhone 7 looks like a decent upgrade for iPhone 5S/6 users although I won’t recommend it to the iPhone 6S users.

We are excited to get our hands on it as soon as possible and will post a review shortly. India has again not been included among the 30 countries that will get it on September 16th.

Until Then you can see this pretty awesome video made by Apple that covers the event in just 107 seconds :-

What are your view about the iPhone 7? Please let us know down below.

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