The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017

Yep, Mobile App For A Bed.

CES 2017 has just started, But we’ve already seen tech that has us reaching down our pockets. Take a look at this curated lists of the latest and greatest products from CES 2017.

1) Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017
Yep, Mobile App For A Bed.

Sometimes, One has to wonder as to when is technology “just enough”, and that is what I was absolutely thinking when Sleep Number said that they were going to introduce a “smart bed”. However, To my surprise, The technology has potential and could even be disruptive. The smart bed comes with a plethora of features : It warms up your bed according to the temperature you set using the SleepIQ mobile app (Yeah, sighs), Orients the bed in a way to reduce your snoring, Shifts and tilts the mattresses according to your sleeping position, and even acts as a fully functioning alarm clock! What else could you possibly want out of a bed?! The smart bed starts at  800$ and goes upto 7,099$, which is steep but the technology is new, so….You Decide!

2) Withings Steel HR

The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017

If you’ve been looking for a smartwatch that offers the latest features while still retaining the classy and normal watch form factor, look no further than the Withings’ Steel HR smartwatch. The minimalism that this watch has is beyond anything that we have seen, but do not mistake minimalism for lack of features. The Steel HR offers the longest lasting battery life ever seen in a fitness tracker, that of over 25-days ! It has the standard features included like heart rate monitor,alarm, sleep detection, activity tracker etc. The watch lacks in showing rich notifications but will show you the standard call, message, calendar alerts. The place where it absolutely shines is its price point – 180$, which is way beyond any other fitness tracker or smartwatch (Heck, Apple Watch starts at 400$).

3) Mohu Airwave

The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017
The un-caped hero

Not all heroes wear capes, and neither does the newly launched Mohu Airwave! It’s time to cut the cords folks, The Airwave lets you combine everything at one place – Watch and Broadcast your local tv cable along with streaming on Netflix, Hulu etc! It’s the solution everybody was looking for, and it is finally here. The Airwave promises free TV “everywhere” across a variety of mobile and connected TV devices, since it catches the OTA signal and turns it into an IPTV stream for its app. It will launch in spring with a price tag of 150$, which makes it a must buy.

4) Kingston 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT

The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017
World Record Shattered


A 2TB Flash Drive that fits in the palm of your hands. 2TB! That’s more storage than my full fledged computer currently has. Think of how much digital stuff you can fit into it….Now comeback as this is going to cost you a fortune! While the official price has not yet been revealed, I advise you to sit down somewhere before they announce the price. Don’t get your hopes up!

5) Dell XPS 13 Convertible

The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017
Windows’ Saviour.

Dell XPS 13, or “Windows’ Saviour” as it is famously known as, has its successor ready! The new Dell XPS 13 is now convertible! Use it as a tablet or a laptop or both! It still uses the same fundamental philosophy of the original Dell XPS 13, While just extending it a bit to the modern age of convertible laptops. The new Hinge allows the screen to be rotated 360 degrees, so you don’t miss out on any of that fruit ninja reference. Entry Model costs 999$.

Well here ends our list of the The Latest And Greatest Tech From CES 2017,  but don’t worry, CES is just kicking off and we’ll be covering more exciting and enthralling gadgets as the event proceeds!

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