Microsoft Doesn’t Want To Be Late Again, SmartWatch Leaks.

Microsoft Doesn’t Want To Be Late Again, SmartWatch Leaks.


We all know, That Microsoft was pretty late to the smartphone arena. With the likes of Apple and Samsung, Consumers mass shifted to iOS and Android. Till the time Microsoft made the shift by releasing new versions of Windows Phone, It was already too late as iOS and Android were filled with apps and users had invested a lot in the respective ecosystems.

Now, With the release of SmartWatches in the market, Microsoft doesn’t want to be a late comer again. Microsoft is yet to enter the smartwatch game, and join already notable competitors like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, and the rest, in putting a smart timepiece on your wrist to try and make your life easier. A new report has just leaked showing off the new SmartWatch from Microsoft codenamed “Moonraker”, Which could soon become the world’s first SmartWatch to run windows.

@evleaks reveals the information that there is also a model number tied to the Microsoft smartwatch we’re seeing above : “the model number for this is/was LS-50″. This adds more mystery to the story, as it hints that the product/project existed and might even exist as we speak.

The design of the SmartWatch looks pretty nice with design cues from Samsung which they have beautifully covered. The UI of the Watch is looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning if the photos are to be believed.

This is a smart move from Microsoft as the SmartWatch industry is already booming and consumers are seeking for that ultimate SmartWatch that will help pave way for future devices!


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