The Next Generation Of Smartphones

The Next Generation Of Smartphones

The Next Generation Of Smartphones

The Next Generation Of Smartphones

9 years back, Steve Jobs came on stage and changed the way we look at a smartphone. What we need to realise now is that it has been 9 years since he introduced the iPhone! Now we desperately need the next generation of smartphones.

With phones growing dull day by day by offering only incremental specs upgrade with little to no innovation, Smartphones are pretty much maxed out. And we are not happy.

If the current trend continues, The tech industry is going to get duller day by day with nothing exciting to offer. I was tracking the trend of all the tech blogging sites like TechCrunch, The Verge etc. and found myself lost looking at no meaningful article related to tech. I myself have been lost to find an exciting new tech topic to write upon.

There was a time, Probably around 2011 or 2010, That the smartphone industry was innovating at a pace unthought of, Every new product was kind of a revolution that made waves.

I think that the next generation of smartphones would have to be more than just “Exciting”, They need to bring game changing features like excellent battery life, holographic display or basically any cool stuff which can actually be pretty useful to us.

This article is basically written because I think that we aren’t getting anything particularly interesting since the last few years and I desperately want that to change immediately.

High hopes from both Apple and Google with their device launch this year!

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