Punjabis Go Mad Over “Jatt Black” iPhone 7

Punjabis Go Mad Over “Jatt Black” iPhone 7

So, The iPhone 7 dropped around a week back in India and it , despite people being hesitant about its sales, was a huge hit here. The phone was sold out within 3 hours of it’s online Launch on Flipkart and garnered huge attention. Now, An interesting thing to notice here is that the place where 40% of Jet Black iPhone 7’s were shipped is none other than our Punjab.

With the arrival of the iPhone 6S, We got a brand new colour called “Rose Gold” and it was primarily targeted towards women. Now, We know THAT turned out to be wrong as our beloved bros started buying the Rose Gold colour and calling it the “Bros Gold”. Smh.


What I am going to tell you now is mind boggling, The new iPhone 7 also brought 2 new colours and well….You know Punjab? It went crazy. Calling the Jet Black colour option as the “Jatt Black” iPhone 7, It is an instant fashion statement here.  As I live in Chandigarh, I see people calling it the Jatt Black. ALL.THE.TIME.

Punjabis Go Mad Over "Jatt Black" iPhone 7

The new “Jatt Black”

I personally find this funny rather than stupid, But it is soon turning to be annoying. Let’s hope this trend ends soon! 

What are your views on this? Do let us know in the comments below.


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