Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : Samsung’s Hidden Hero?

Galaxy Note 8

Note 8

Galaxy Note 8
Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is about to launch on August 23rd at a special event in New York. With less than two weeks remaining for the  launch, We have surprisingly few leaks to fuel our curiosity.  Could this possibly be Samsung’s hidden hero?

Last year was particularly bad for Samsung – Its revenues were down, billions of dollars in market cap vanished, investors became worried, company gained worldwide defamation – All thanks to the explosive powerhouse and manufacturing disaster : The Galaxy Note 7. Although the Note 7 was a wonderful device , It went down the drain due to its battery problems.

But this year, Samsung is ready to regain its worldwide glory with the Galaxy Note 8. They surprisingly still have their Note fans in anticipation of the 8th version plus from some of the mockups that we have seen , and considering the worldwide success of the Galaxy S8 , it seems likely that the Note 8 will be a smash hit. The device looks stunning and is also expected to come with the world’s first ever fingerprint scanner embedded in its display. Also, as is usual with all the Galaxy Notes, It will be packed with the latest processor , 6/8Gb of RAM (yikes!) and the same wonderful camera of the Galaxy S8 combined with the Iris Scanner. Seems like a solid deal to me.

However, The daunting question of whether it will appeal to consumers beside the Note fans remains to be seen. Many people now have this stigma regarding the Note line up and may cast it in a negative light albeit it containing all the aforementioned features. In addition, It also has to compete with the usual ‘Apple Hype’ which is at an all time high (last time there was this much hype was when iPhone 5 was being launched) right now thanks to the upcoming 10 year anniversary edition iPhone which will be probably titled iPhone X.

Still, To some extent, I do suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the hidden hero that brings back the Note lineup’s brand value back. Consumers will eventually adapt and forgive Samsung for its shortcomings with the Galaxy Note 7. 

 What do you think about the Galaxy Note 8? Do you think it will be able to turn the tables ? Answer the poll below and feel free to comment.



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