Snapchat Is Under Heavy Fire

Snapchat Is Under Heavy Fire

Snapchat Is Under Heavy Fire

Snapchat – The famous social networking app for sending self destructing messages is under heavy fire in India and Spain. The two countries cumulatively account for over 10 Million users in Snapchat’s database, and the number is certainly important for a growing social network. Yet, Evan Spiegel (CEO ) doesn’t think so. 

After reported that in a 2015 meeting Evan Spiegel allegedly said that Snapchat is only for the “rich people” and he has no intentions of expanding its user base in ‘poor countries’ like India and Spain,  All hell broke loose.

Snapchat Is Under Heavy Fire Tech Kindle
Tons of 1 Stars

Snapchat currently has around 12,000 reviews on the Indian App Store for an average rating of 1, the lowest rating possible, and  reviews filled with scorn for the company continue to be written as thousands protest against it on Twitter and Other Social Networks. 

Snapchat Is Under Heavy Fire Tech Kindle

An Estimated 400,000 people have uninstalled Snapchat from their phones in India in the past 24 hours. The backlash continues as #boycottsnapchat became the top trending topic on twitter today. 

The Statement came into light after ex-Snapchat employee  Anthony Pompliano filed a lawsuit against the company after being fired in just 3 weeks since his joining. Anthony has also claimed that Snapchat exaggerates its user data to investors and public, and the company’s growth has been pretty stagnant with just 1-4% increase in it’s users per quarter – far less than the double-digit month-over-month growth that the company was claiming.

Although, Snap Inc. (The parent company of Snapchat) has refused any allegations, The truth remains to be seen and will hopefully resolved in court.

Are u with Snapchat on this one or against it? Comment your stance below.

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