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All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble

All Big Tech Companies Are In Trouble Now, It’s not everyday you see ALL the major tech companies in trouble. From hissing sounds to explosions, Here are the reasons the Big 4 are in Trouble. 1. Fire-Brigade To The Rescue! via GIPHY Samsung is facing an international backlash due to its exploding Note 7s. The…


Facebook Is Going Nowhere

Facebook Is Going Nowhere Facebook, The multi-billion dollar social networking site is going nowhere. This may seem crazy, Seeing the number of users or even it’s quarterly results, But truly, What has it improved this year (2015)? Nothing. If you look at the pace with which Facebook was innovating (Which is the reason it is…


Twitter: 140 to 10k

It may sound like Twitter is going for a 10,000m marathon or making a 10k HD TV but that is not true for this post at least. Twitter after 9 years of operations has at last completed the wish of 302 million people! Twitter has increased its character limit from ‘minor’ 140 to the ‘major’…


Facebook Hello. Where is the Privacy?

   Facebook Hello. Where is the Privacy? Looks like the big blue wants it all! It is aiming for complete privacy breach this time around. Now back to the point, Facebook has introduced a new android based dialer named “Hello” which will search who’s calling and stuff (Like TrueDialer) for you automatically but this is…

How does Facebook earn money?

Facebook’s figures are quite astonishing. The site’s initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $38 a share, giving the site a $104billion (£66billion) valuation and making it the third-largest offering in US history. That rated Facebook as bigger than Amazon(£62billion), Cisco (£57billion) but behind Google (£129billion) and Apple(£315billion). Not  bad for a site that’s only eight years old and was set up…

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