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Surface Studio Destroys The iMac…..For Designers.

Surface Studio Destroys The iMac…..For Designers. In an unexpected Turn of events, Microsoft is the new Desktop king, atleast for designers,creators and/or architects. Shocked? So was I. Yesterday, Microsoft shunned everybody in it’s event by introducing the new Surface Studio, A Desktop computer that has crazy tricks up it’s sleeves. Designers, Architect etc. went crazy…


Blackberry Priv Is The Company’s Saviour

Blackberry Priv Is The Company’s Saviour Blackberry, The name is unanimous with the tech industry. The company was the ultimate mobile manufacturer back in 2008 when it dominated the market alongside Nokia. Corporates loved it, Teens craved for Blackberry messenger and it’s design was looked upon. Unfortunately, The company wasn’t able to adapt to the…


Microsoft is finally cool again!

Microsoft is finally cool again! So Yesterday, all hell broke loose. Yesterday, We saw a legendary company coming out from it’s dormancy. Microsoft is now not synonymous with laptops or computers, A feat that it boasted about only about 5-7 years ago. But, It has been really “unlucky” since then. The company, which seemed to…


Here Is Why Android M Is A Massive Fail.

Here Is Why Android M Is A Massive Fail. Around 40 days back we wrote an article titled “Android M, What To Expect” because we were really excited about the upcoming version of Android. Now that it has indeed released, We couldn’t be more disappointed. Here are some of the reasons:- 1. No New Features We…


How much do famous games earn?

How much do famous games earn? Today, We find out the estimated revenue of some of the most famous and addictive games. In recent years, games have transformed into a big market segment that reaps billions of dollars in revenue to big game makers. So, here we are uncovering the covered. 1. Grand Theft Auto…

Tech world in Crisis

Ok, this might seem like a stupid post but somebody had to do it. I have been following tech since last 8 years and as far as I can see and have researched, the tech world is in crisis. Companies are not innovating, no amazing announcements, no amazing apps, same old social network and 

Microsoft HoloLens. What is it?

After much speculations, Microsoft has officially announced HoloLens, The company’s first product in the Virtual/Augmented Reality sector. Basically, It is just a prototype as of now as the level of technology that they are ‘showing-off’ in their trailer is unavailable and way too ahead of it’s time. Plus, the real challenge would be to make…

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