Tesla Is Heading To Disrupt An Entire Industry

Tesla is heading to disrupt an entire industry

Tesla is heading to disrupt an entire industry

Tesla Is Heading To Disrupt An Entire Industry

Tesla, The car company that is making waves everywhere right now with it’s launch of Tesla Model 3, is not merely another car company. According to us, Tesla is heading to disrupt an entire industry.

Tesla has a very different approach as a car manufacturer, While others are focusing on improving while maintaining the legacy of the brand slowly, Tesla is experimenting and innovating at a drastic rate.

It can turn the whole car industry upside down, Thanks to it’s¬†undeterred focus on making quality electric cars. It is making electric cars that are better than most of the fuel cars in the same price segment. Moreover, It’s unmatched features like Autopilot are attracting consumers faster than we’ve ever seen before.

Tesla is heading to disrupt an entire industry
The live counter blowing up

The popularity and attention that the company is getting is phenomenal, We were taken quite a back at Tesla Model 3’s launch event when 110,000 people had already pre booked the car without ever seeing it, And the live counter was force stopped at 150,000 only 40 minutes after the unveiling when Elon Musk was still present on stage!

The Tesla Model 3 also marks the entry of Tesla in mainstream budget market, Since it is priced at only 35,000$ and provides never before seen features.

The fact that that Tesla is gaining a lot of traction is looking pretty dangerous for other manufacturers. Elon Musk also announced on Twitter that they will be expanding to more and more countries in the coming 3 years including New Zealand, Brazil ,India etc.

The reason why Tesla is getting so popular I think is the same reason why Apple rose to fame, They are combining art with technology and producing masterpieces.

Their current line up has beautifully well crafted cars, but more importantly they are electric, have dual boot storage and autopilot. The software gets updated automatically over the air and also, All the Tesla cars learn from each other. Suppose you’re driving your Tesla on a hilly terrain on autopilot, Now, Your car will fetch data from Tesla’s servers to see if any other Tesla car has been here before and also the information and the condition of the road. This information will be utilised to streamline your experience and give you a pleasant drive.

Tesla is also setting up power stations all throughout USA, Meaning you can charge your Tesla free of cost if the battery runs out. This means that you don’t have to buy fuel every time you want to go somewhere, and Tesla has got your back covered if your car runs out of battery in between.

Tesla is also not the one to be afraid of competition, In fact they are encouraging it, They have made all their designs and patent public to be utilised by anybody.

We feel that due to these steps, Tesla is going to disrupt the car industry in the near future, and maybe it will also have some competition soon with the rumours of Apple, Faraday and Google building their own electric cars. But in anyway, The car industry will be changed forever.

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