The All New Exclusive Tech Chat On Tech Kindle!

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The All New Exclusive Tech Chat On Tech Kindle!

So, Today I have a very important announcement to make! We are introducing an all new “Tech Chat” for all of you wonderful visitors. This chat will keep your identity totally anonymous unless you link it with your twitter account. Also, We will make sure that your privacy will never be lost.

This is an exclusive platform , Unlike the reply system that you see on various other tech sites. This is completely different, trust me. You don’t have to register to a disqus account or even mention your real name. This chatting app celebrates the true spirit of tech by bringing tech enthusiasts like you and me to discuss the new products that are filling the market at a very rapid pace. We have insured that you can delete your messages if you don’t feel it is appropriate.

We hope you are going to love this new feature. Tell about this to your friends,family and more importantly –  The people who really want to discuss tech and help others. The feature is available right now and you can access it by clicking here -> Tech Chat

Let the discussion begin!

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