Twitter Explodes As IIT’s Increase Fee By 100%


Twitter Explodes As IIT’s Increase Fee By 100%

Today , we are going to talk about an important topic, This may seem like a post that I normally don’t write but this one was surely needed.

It has just been announced that IIT’s will be increasing their fee for all Undergraduate courses by around 100%, Increasing from Rs. 90k to Rs 2 lac. The IIT council, which includes directors and senior officials, had recommended raising the fee to three lakhs. All the IITs have said a hike is overdue, given the inflation and the huge cost of running the institutions.

This was inevitable and all of us had expected this, But this is not why the people are enraged.

Furthermore, The thing that has made Twitter to explode is that all the SC’s, ST’s ,Dalits and disabled would be getting a 100% fee waiver! This means that while the General category students will be paying 100% more, The Dalits will be paying no fee from now onwards.

However, there is one advantage to the General students too,  those with a family income of less than Rs 5 lakh will be given a 66% concession in the fees.

Why so much of ranting on Twitter? Well it is simply because the fee waiver should be given on the basis of economic criteria, And not based on what caste you belong to.

There are lacs of SC, ST and Dalit students that are financially stable and need no fee waiver whatsoever. While they will still be getting a complete fee waiver no matter what economic status they belong to, General students will be receiving only 66% waiver.

The enrage also happened because the Dalits,SC’s and ST’s already have a lot of advantage as compared to the General students for the entrance to IIT’s. Currently, the IITs have a 15% reservation for SCs, 7.5% for STs and 27% for OBCs.

I think that the reservation should be removed altogether, And even if we want to continue it, It should be on the basis of economic status and not on what caste you belong to.


What do you think about this move? Are you content with this move?


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