Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Be Able To Boost Samsung ?

Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Be Able To Boost Samsung ?

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is just around the corner, With multiple teasers and photos already leaking like crazy before the event which is going to take place on 21st February, but the question that remains is “Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Be Able To Boost Samsung ?”. Let’s find out.

Samsung Mobile is currently in a bad shape, With revenues down a whopping 40% this year. It desperately needs a game changing product like the Galaxy S3 which can help it regain the throne of the best android manufacturer out there.

Samsung has released multiple photos of the new Galaxy, The photos have titles which say “Experience Privacy at its finest,” “Worry-less discovery,” and “Bring light to the night.” Each is accompanied by a simple image, like a phone shape with water droplets on the “Worry-less discovery” slide. These slides appear to be teasing features of the GS7, like device security, water resistance, and low-light photography.

Will Samsung Galaxy S7 Be Able To Boost Samsung ?
Galaxy S7 will be water resistant.

The above features are not that convincing to be honest. We all have seen the same features in many phones now and android fans definitely want something new. Also, The design of the Galaxy S7 looks eerily similar to the previous models – The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

We can’t really say how well the Galaxy S7 will be perceived by the public. No new innovative features seem to be there though.

Only Flagship phones are not where Samsung is getting hit. Low end phones are being targeted by companies like One Plus, Xiaomi etc. which offer better specs and build quality than the Galaxy counterpart.

As of now, We don’t really think that the Galaxy S7 will be a gamechanger. Although, Sales are a completely different thing.

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