Will The New iPhone SE Be An iPod Replacement?

Will The New iPhone SE Be An iPod Replacement?

Will The New iPhone SE Be An iPod Replacement?

Will The New iPhone SE Be An iPod Replacement?
Will The New iPhone SE Be An iPod Replacement?

We’re very excited for Apple’s event on 21st March, Primarily because this is the first time in years that we have an Apple event except WWDC before September.

Although the rumour mill is churning some amazing news about various hardware devices, One that has us glued is the sudden rumourĀ of a 4-inch iPhone named “iPhone SE”.

The demand for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus clearly showed that people have moved on from tiny 4 inch screens and now want even bigger screens than we would have imagined around 3 years ago. The question that arises is that why is then the new 4 inch iPhone being launched?

I know that 4 inch phones may still appeal to a niche market that Apple wants to capture, But it wouldn’t just release a whole new product for doing that, It already has the old iPhone 5S to do that job.

I thought about this and I think just maybe that the new iPhone SE will be an iPod Touch replacement. Apple has been killing the iPod product line lately, With the iPod classic being removed and the iPod Touch receiving only a minor upgrade when normally we would have seen a whole new iPod.

"Let Us Loop You In" may suggest the return of the loop
“Let Us Loop You In” may suggest the return of the loop

Furthermore, The arrival of the invite which mentioned “Let us loop you in” suggested this claim even more. The iPod Touch 5th Gen had the capability of attaching a loop to it which came in the box. Of course the invite just could suggest the address of the place where the event is taking place, Which is Apple’s headquarter (1, Infinite Loop , CA) but that would be unlike Apple.

The major deciding factor about this theory of mine will be the price that Apple decides upon. If the price is around 400$ for a decent storage space, This will definitely be the go-to device for iPod lovers.

I am not sure about what this event really about, Since rumours are that an iPad Air 3/iPad Pro Mini will also be launched alongside.

All we can do now is wait and watch!


Do you think that Apple is trying to just revamp the iPhone 5S? Is it trying to appeal to the niche market? Or do you believe that this will be an iPod Replacement? Comment below and Share this article with your friends!

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