Will There Ever Be A Competitor To YouTube?

youtube competitor

youtube competitor

Will There Ever Be A Competitor To YouTube?

Now, I have been thinking of this for a long time, Will There Ever Be A Competitor To YouTube? Will there be anyone ever that can match the level of YouTube?

If I answer honestly, There is literally no one that can challenge Youtube currently, With it’s huge number of visitors, It’s undoubtedly the king.

However, To say that it will never get competition wouldn’t be the truth. Currently, Youtube has been ruling the video industry without any problems. While Daily Motion , Vimeo and others do exist, They are just there to exist.

However, Youtube can be replaced, and probably will be.

The increasingly lame restrictions that are being imposed on Youtubers, The decrease in ad revenue and it’s ever so strict copyright policy will surely play a major role. Many famous Youtubers have recently been seen protesting against their age restriction policy and consequently the lack of ad revenue,  which was unheard of only an year back. The growing intolerance among the audience (Due to the comments system)  as well as the Youtubers is slowly paving way for a new competitor that is more flexible and forward thinking.

Now, While there is not any major threat to Youtube as of now, The Video consuming industry is stirring up after a decade or so to take on the big players. Over 50 startups have been registered in the last year alone which directly or indirectly target Youtube, Vimeo , Dailymotion etc. 

It will be interesting to see whether Youtube will ever be replaced, and I am very excited to see what companies have in their minds!

What do you think? Will youtube ever be replaced or is it the undisputed king of video consumption? Comment down below and like and share the article!

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