Xiaomi is fading away.


Xiaomi, The overly hyped smartphone and tablet manufacture is quickly starting to fade away. It’s best smartphone at the moment – Mi4 is reporting lower than expected sales as customers go with the likes of One Plus and Motorolla.

Xiaomi quickly rose to fame, Thanks to it’s cheap power packed smartphone which targeted at people looking for a well made smartphone at a lower price. Investors were happy with Xiaomi too, As the company got valuated at a whopping 40 Billion Dollars in just 3 years of it’s existence. The company was on a roll in 2014, With smartphones selling in mere seconds and revenues at an all time high.

Come 2015, The company is expected to reveal a big fall in sales and shipments. With the hype around One Plus Two, The Sales are about to drop even further. The problem which I figured out was that the aesthetics and the UI of the company’s phones,tablets etc are just not good. I myself chose the One Plus One over the Mi4, Simply because it looked and felt way better i every aspect.

One another important aspect is that Xiaomi is not “globalising”. It is not adapting to the industry standard. It is stuck with it’s chinese looking UI which it has no plans to update. Also, Xiaomi is only targeting in the cheaper price section which is very saturated. The company used to be a marvel for producing great phones at such low prices but that is gone, Tons of companies are producing similar phones with better aesthetics and a better UI at same or even lower prices.

The company rather than making good phones is instead releasing tons of sales and offers every month to the consumers.

We hope that Xiaomi realises that it’s time to prove itself again by producing a wonderful smartphone. It has to get it’s initial momentum back!

You are free to comment what should Xiaomi do to bring back it’s charm in the comment section below.


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