5 facts about Apple that I bet you don’t know

So, as We all know, Apple is the most valuable company and an industry leader. It’s worth a whopping 750 billion $ and is worshipped is a trend setter in many categories of devices. It has a crazy fan following and everybody yearns to buy an Apple product (Well, mostly). Today I am going to tell you 5 facts that I can bet that you didn’t know AT ALL.1Apple has had more cash than the US Treasury had money to spend

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Yes! You read that right, It is not just another Fortune 500 company, It is even more valuable than the US treasury itself!

The Government might be printing the money, but at certain periods, Apple has had more money in the bank than the US Treasury had to spend. In July of 2011 when the debt ceiling crisis unveiled, Apple had cash reserves of $75.88 billion, while the US Treasury’s operating balance stood at $73.77 billion.

2. 95,000 Apple factory workers in China are paid less than Apple’s top 9 execs

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As under pressure as the workers in companies like Foxconn (Makes product frames for Apple in China) may be, they are not well paid. Many people have even committed suicides due to this harsh policy.

But a research by the Economic Policy Institute shows that the nine-person team of top execs that’s leading Apple receives salaries of $441 million, about as much as the 95,000 workers in the Foxconn factory where Apple products are manufactured.


3.Apple has the patent for ‘slide-to-unlock’ and no one else can use this

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It’s true! Apple has even patented the “slide to unlock” slider that it uses in it’s popular iOS for iPhones, iPods and iPads. That’s why you see all other creative unlocking methods – a glass sliding away, a four dot pattern to unlock a phone, and so on, but no other company is using a simple slide to unlock. This is yet another way apple maintains it’s exclusiveness.

4. Secret Police!

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Notorious for protecting the secrecy of it’s new products, Apple has it’s own “Secret police” force known as the “Worldwide Loyalty Team”. Moles are recruited from employee ranks to monitor suspicious activities and report back to Apple’s secret forces. Whenever information leaks are suspected, the worldwide loyalty team is rumoured to sweep into Apple’s offices to track down the offender. All employee cellphones must be “voluntarily” surrendered in this case for inspection. In 2011, Apple’s security forces reportedly impersonated San Francisco Police officers to search a family home for an iPhone prototype.

5. Symbol of Sin

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The origin of the ubiquitous Apple Computer Logo has been a source of mystery since it’s unveiling in 1976.Created by artist Rob Janoff, the logo featured a rainbow apple with a “byte” taken from the right hand side.The official company history of the logo claims the apple is a reference to an earlier version featuring Isaac Newton under an apple tree. However, comments from former Apple executive Jean Louise Gassee suggest a darker intent. In a 1999 book , Apple confedential , Gasee links the logo to the original sin of  Adam and Eve in the garden of good and evil with a biblical interpretation of the Apple logo pointing to themes of anarchy and lust for knowledge



I hope you liked this article! Took a LOT of research to be honest! If you have any other secret share it below! Thanks for reading!


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