Apple makes big bucks in India, Earns $ 1 Billion in revenue.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.35.02 am


Things have been looking very positive for Apple lately, It is on a path of total world domination and this news only enhances this. The company has earned a whopping $ 1 Billion in revenue from India in this fiscal year, A feat not achieved by it yet. This is a very positive sign for Apple since it is trying to sell smartphones in the rising mobile industries like that of India and China. It has already made an impact in China since it’s smartphones sales were up 30% this year, Thanks to iPhone 6. The company has yet to make India a leading country in their launches but we hope that will happen soon enough! This is also a big threat for competitors like Samsung and LG, Who are seeing a dip in their sales lately, Though the galaxy s6 is expected to be a big hit in India.

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