Apple’s Trillion Dollar Event

Apple's Trillion Dollar Event
Steve Jobs Theatre

With just a few minutes to go for the big Apple event, the excitement levels are off the charts. The  event is taking place in Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple’s new spaceship campus and is expected to be fully packed. With rumours of 3 new iPhones, a new iPod Touch, a new Apple Watch, refined Airpods and something called “portable lightning” makes this the biggest Apple launch in quite a few years.

However, The spotlight still remains on the iPhone. The iPhone will go off track with its launch this year, and along with the usual incremental upgrade a new iPhone X will be launched marking the 10th Anniversary of the iconic phone. It is expected to do away with the bezels, introduce an interesting face unlock feature called ‘Face ID’ (which is also expected to integrate some AR capabilities related to Emojis), make the camera vertical and also come along with refined Airpods in the box.

It is also surprising to see that Apple just might launch a new iPod touch after letting it eat dust for some years. Although I find the cost of justifying an iPod in this smartphone dominated era hard to see, there might just be a niche group of high schoolers actually interested in the product. Some might just get it in a moment of nostalgia, because after all,  for many people iPod was their first Apple product.

Leading to the event, some interesting predictions have been made considering the hype. If analysts are to be believed, The new iPhones will do over $40 billion in sales this quarter, not only making it the best selling phone this year too but also giving Apple a whopping 1 trillion dollar valuation.  Apple stocks are already up by 35% up this year, valuing the company at $820 billion. This means that just a 22% increase in the stock would mean a trillion dollar valuation. I hope this explains the magnanimity of the event to you.

Apple's Trillion Dollar Event

Steve Wozniak was also spotted at the event and praised the Apple campus for its simplicity and elegance, and even spoke about what Steve Jobs would have thought about the campus : 

The stakes are high and the expectations are have rocketed. What remains to be seen is if they can live upto the hype.

I really hope they smash this event!




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