Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016

Hello, Gorgeous.

Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016

In a world where Apple is the only rising star in the laptop industry, It’s sad to see such a title. But, Let’s all agree that this year’s Macbook Pro was a huge disappointment.

While most iOS developers, Final Cut Pro users etc. don’t have any other option, A normal “Pro” user has, So let’s get going.

1. Dell XPS 13

Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016
Dell XPS 13

Perhaps the most popular choice in this list, The Dell XPS 13 lives upto it’s fame. With over 13 hours of battery life, Inclusion of required ports (I can’t believe I am writing this, Thanks Apple) and 3.1 Ghz i7 processor, The laptop is truly made for professionals. The most catchy feature of the laptop is it’s gorgeous infinity display, Which helps Dell fit a 13″ laptop in a chassis only slightly larger than some competitor’s 11″ laptops.

Now, Every laptop has some cons,  This one has some too. Due to the almost bezel-less display, The webcam had to be shifted to the bottom which makes for a very weird video position to say the least. Also, The laptop is not as thin and light as you’d expect it to.

The best of the best? Get this one.

2. SurfaceBook 2

Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016
The thick new Surfacebook

If we rewind one year back, We can clearly remember Microsoft aiming all it’s guns at the Macbook Pro, Trying to prove that Windows laptops are capable of competing with the latest Macs. One year later, They’re still continuing their mission with the Surface Book 2.

While the basics are the same as last year, We do get upgraded processors, battery and storage options. It is a powerhouse of a machine with all the latest processors fitted inside. We also get the same beautiful ‘PixelSense’ display that we have come to adore over the past year. The stylus also remains.

However, We do see some unwanted changes. The Surfacebook is now even thicker than last year’s model, With the already bulky laptop now pushing it’s weight to over 3.5 pounds (Yikes!). Also,  We see a 100$ increase in the price of the laptop, With the base model with 8Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD now starting at a whopping price of 2399$!

Want something new? Go for it.

3. RazerBlade Pro

Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016
Multi-coloured RazerBlade Pro

This 14 inch monster is a beast of a laptop. Need raw performance with top notch specs? Go for this one without further ado. Want to use it professionally for business? Well, will rainbow coloured trackpad do? Just Kidding.  Or Am I?

The laptop is available in two screen options – 1920×1080 IPS screen or a touch enabled 3200×1800 monstrosity. If screen quality is important to you then the Blade is one of the best out there. The manufacturer is offering you the choice of size and capability on the screen, unlike Apple’s singular approach. The Blade comes with 16Gb of RAM standard but a 32Gb model is also available. With 6th generator i7 processors standard, The company claims it will replace your desktop.

Now, The thing is it’s amazing specs come at a cost. A normal RazerBlade Pro can set you back as much as 3100$ and that is not an affordable price at all. Also, The laptop’s primary segment is gaming, Not business or video editing. While it can do the latter, I wouldn’t personally like disco lights on my laptop while explaining why our company’s revenue is falling.

Still, Have extra money in the bank? Go for it.

4.HP Spectre x360

Best Alternatives To Macbook Pro 2016
Hello, Gorgeous.

The best looking laptop on this list is without a doubt the HP Spectre. The laptop is so gorgeous it’s been named by some the best looking laptop of the decade. Not to be flabbergasted by it’s looks, Let’s take a deeper look.

Just like the Surfacebook 2, The HP Spectre is a 2-in-1, which means it can act as a tablet as well as a laptop. While it lacks the stylus of the Surfacebook, The tablet mode is pleasant to use. The engineering that went into making the Spectre is a marvel itself, With all of this packaged into just 13.3mm, It’s also the thinnest laptop on the list.

Now, While we may praise it’s engineering and looks, We have to say it’s a bit underpowered as compared to it’s competitors. With just 8Gb of RAM it’s not upto the par with others. Although it tries to cover it by using Intel’s latest Kabylake architecture, That is just not enough. The screen resolution that you get is also 1920×1080, As opposed to most of the other laptops moving to 2K and even 4K displays.

The Price? That is where it absolutely shines! Starting at just 749$, The HP Spectre is well worth the money, Heck it’s even cheaper than an iPhone! 

Want value for money? Go for this one.

Honourable Mentions – 

Lenovo Thinkpad T460, Alienware 13R3 and Macbook Pro 2015.

So, That wraps up our list for now and we hope you like it! Go get the best laptop and comment down below if you have any other awesome laptop to share!

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