How to fix the ‘Ok One Plus’ bug on One Plus One



How to fix the ‘Ok One Plus’ bug on One Plus One – Today we tell you a simple fix to a bug that has appeared on the latest update to One Plus One. As you all know, One Plus one recently got it’s update to CM 12 with Android Lollipop and One Plus added a new feature called “Ok One Plus” which is just like “Ok Google” on Nexus and Moto series. Many users have been reporting problem with this feature that the phone is not getting their voice and not configuring this feature for them. Let’s figure this out-

1. Reboot your phone.

Please reboot your phone! Believe it or not – 30% of the people rebooted their phone , tried again and this feature started working! This may be due to the phone taking increasing cache memory because of continuous usage or just filling up of RAM. Do reboot!

2. Speak fast

Hola! Here comes the main reason why your ‘Ok OnePlus’ is not configuring. You HAVE to speak as soon as the microphone’s symbol turn red and not when it is blue. People are speaking after the microphone is processing and hence the error.

3. Speak Loud

We all know that One Plus One’s microphone is not that good. So, you have to speak pretty loud to make sure that One Plus listens to you! I had to literally scream to make this feature work! Not necessarily a good thing but “It just works!”.


This is all what we have come across! The company may release a patch very soon but till that time do try these things. Also, If you have any other suggestion, Do comment it below!

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