Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment

Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment

Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment

Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment


So, Nintendo finally released the  much awaited game “Super Mario Run” exclusively on iOS. It’s the first time Mario has come to mobile and naturally A LOT was expected from it. However, It didn’t turn out good and came riddled with deceptive pricing strategy, causing it to have half of its reviews to be 1 Star.

Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment

The gameplay is decent, Not too exciting while nor too bad. What makes the gameplay special is ofcourse, the in-between nostalgic Mario music which melts every player’s heart. But still, The only thing which slightly  differentiates it from being just another endless runner is the brand of Mario and nothing else. 

Super Mario Run Is A Huge Disappointment

The game consists of 6 worlds with 3 levels (+1 boss level) each and the objective is yet again, To save peach. The levels are nicely made and there is no doubt that Nintendo put a lot of effort into it, but I still don’t think it’s a game that is supposed to make 6.8 Million$ on the very first day (Which it did). It’s way too over-hyped.

If you’re thinking as to why am I ranting about a free-to-play game that Nintendo made and is giving away for free to its fans, Stop being a fool.

ONLY the first three levels are free to play after which you have to pay 9.99$ to play further and unlock the gameplay. That’s 10$ for an endless runner mobile game which we are used to getting for free. Furthermore, I do not even ask Nintendo to make it free, I know Nintendo is no charity and that Mario is a huge brand BUT, 10$ is just not acceptable for a mobile endless runner. An appropriate cost would have been around 2.99-3.99$ max.

Now, You pay 10$ for a mobile game, You must be thinking that it will work wherever you want it to right? Wrong. Thinking of playing while in the subway? You cannot. The game requires an active internet connection at ALL times. Either you spend all your data on this game or play it on Wifi, You always need an internet connection. Nintendo says it is required to stop piracy, Which is also the reason the game won’t be launching on Android until End 2017 till when Nintendo will figure out how to stop piracy on android.

I am utterly disappointed by this game, And here goes another over-hyped thing of 2016.


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