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Five Best Productivity Apps For Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a product that I have mixed feelings about – sometimes I love it for its silly Toy Story animations and quick-glance notifications; other times, I hate it for its lack of use cases and slow processing speed.  However, lately, I’ve been exploring the App Store and have found out some amazing apps…

App review :- Periscope

So, This weeks app has to be Periscope (made by twitter), the latest live video streaming social network that is going viral and recently got featured by Apple in the App Store. The immediate contender of Periscope has to be Meerkat, another live video streaming service. Now back to Periscope, The app is pretty polished…

App review of Theme Copter

So, This week’s app has to be the groundbreaking and charts busting game Theme Copter. The game has catchy images, Funny sounds and mind boggling physics! The game does everything that nobody ever thought of, i.e , inverted controls, Missiles and Other Strange stuff. The score is counted by how much Seconds you can play the game (Yes, It is…

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