Paid Apps To Be Cheaper In The Indian App Store


Paid Apps To Be Cheaper In The Indian App Store

For those of you who have an iPhone,iPad or an iPod and living in India, I have some great news for you – You can now buy paid apps for cheaper from the Indian App Store. Apple has sent a mail to all the developer which says that they are launching Alternate Tier A for Indian users that will be cheaper than the normal 60 Rs price tag that is default right now. Apple has not yet given full details of as to how much the price will be cut but if speculations are to be believed the Alternate Tier A will be around 30Rs. Although, This is totally dependant on the developers as to whether they want to change the price or not but we will definitely see some price cuts. This is great news for developers as well as users because developers will now be able to earn more thanks to the price cut, And users can get their games cheaper by about 30 Rs. The prices will be updated within the next 36 hours. Get ready to buy your favourite games!

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