Tesla’s New Roadster Is A Big Threat To Other Supercars

Tesla's New Roadster
Tesla's New Roadster
Tesla’s New Roadster

Tesla’s New Roadster Is A Big Threat To Other Supercars

In a surprising reveal yesterday, Elon Musk shocked us all by introducing Tesla’s new Roadster in an event that was supposed to be exclusive to their new Semi Truck. People were struck in awe as the features continued to roll, with some seeming entirely impossible. We were asked to forget the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani etc and claim Tesla as the undisputed king of Supercars. 

By achieving the feat of going 0-100 Kmph/0-60mph in JUST 1.9s, Tesla’s new Roadster is now the fastest production car on the planet, a full 1s lesser than any of the Bugattis or Lamborghinis. It can also cover a quarter mile in just 8s. Although the top speed wasn’t exactly mentioned, Elon Musk did claim that it was north of 250 mph or 402 kmh. The car also has the biggest battery pack ever seen in an electric car, with a whopping range of over 600 miles! To remind you, this is just the base model which starts at $200,000. There’s also a founder’s series model priced at $250,000 and a higher priced model with more speed will eventually be revealed later.

Although the design is up to the standard of Supercars, there is one element that stands out. The new Roadster is a 4 seater, as opposed to every other 2 seater supercar we are accustomed to seeing.  This is a step away from the norms of the industry, and its advantage remains to be seen. Be warned though, the two back seats are not at all spacious or luxurious, and a ‘giant person may be crammed’ is what the company states. How uncomfortable or comfortable it actually will be can only be decided after it comes on the road around mid-2020.

While all this turned out to be glamorous for Tesla, Other Supercars’ manufacturers are getting worried. The roadsters numbers alone posit a big problem for the fuel addicted automobile makers, with Tesla’s cars now seeming more powerful and robust while simultaneously saving people money spent on petrol or diesel. Although some manufacturers like Porche and BMW (With its mission E) have already started preparing for the electric future, Others are still way behind in the race. What remains to be seen is whether it is too late now to catch up with Tesla’s lead.

Drive away…..

What do you think about the new Tesla Roadster? Do you think it is overrated or disruptive? Comment your opinions below and don’t forget to participate in the poll.

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