5 Facts About Pixar That I Can Bet You Don’t Know


5 Facts About Pixar That I Can Bet You Don’t Know

Hey there! We are back with our most famous series and this time we have chosen Pixar Inc. – The creativity hub of the century. Also known as “Creativity Inc.” (Thanks to the biography of Ed Catmull, CEO Pixar Inc.), The company is the single biggest animation powerhouse and is loved by millions and millions of fans around the world. The company went from just a knock off startup to producing the highest grossing films ever made and introducing a new category of films all together. Let’s look at the 5 facts that I am ready to bet that you don’t know:-

1. Pixar Had To Take A Step Back!


Pixar is a company that has a habit of breaking new boundaries every day and it shows us what it can do with the release of every new film that it makes. It prides itself on achieving some new animation breakthrough or technique because it knows that only the people at pixar can achieve it. The work on the ocean effect in the movie “Finding Nemo” was no exception. The film’s supervisor animator, Dylan Brown recalled some early tests that were so good that, “we couldn’t tell the difference between the re-created footage and the original. It blew us away.” They sent the animators back to the drawing board because they didn’t want the audience to think they were staring at real footage of the ocean. However, Dylan Brown also mentioned that maybe in the future Pixar will finally take use of this technology, But it was ‘too advanced’ at the time of the making of Finding Nemo.

2. Pixar Has Been Awarded As the Best Company To Work For 5 Years In A Row


Do you think that Google, Apple or Facebook have the best workplaces for employees?  Time to think again. While Apple, Google and Facebook provide world class facilities to it’s employees, And they are good but they can never match the level of Pixar. When you enter Pixar, You are given a small hut/cabin and you are free to decorate it, Mould it, Shape it anyway you want to. Pixar employees feel that their workplace is an extension of their personality and it should give them the freedom to do anything they want to and exactly how they want it to be. One Animator, Andrew Gordon added a sliding bookcase over a secret access button that could open the “Love Lounge”, A Secret place for him and his co-workers to party.


3. Babies Born To Whoever Worked On The Film The Year Before Its Release Are Listed In The Credits.


We all know how sneaky Pixar is from the fact that it hides easter eggs in almost all it’s movies. Be it characters of an upcoming movie or the lucky number “A113”, Pixar has a habit of doing things which are very minute in detail to surprise people. Did you know that in each pixar movie, In the credits there are the names of the babies born to whoever (From worker to Director) worked on the film! This again shows how much Pixar cares for it’s employees.

4. The Voice Of Boo In ‘Monsters Inc.’ Wouldn’t Sit Still Long Enough To Be Recorded.


Remember the little Boo from 2001’s Monsters Inc.? One of the biggest stars of this movie wasn’t a monster but rather a small girl named Boo. The voice of Boo was actually a two-year-old named Mary Gibbs. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the attention span that most trained actors do when they step behind a Pixar microphone. So the recording team actually had to follow her around as she talked and matched whatever sounds she could make to the actions on screen. In the end, Since the character of Boo was loved by all, I think the extra effort paid out to Pixar.


5. Pixar Loves Back!


Pixar knows that it has millions of fans in the world, From young 5 year olds to even 70 year olds. It conducts a lot of campaigns and festivals to show how much it loves it’s fans. One particular incident that caught everybody’s eyes was when it fulfilled the dying wish of a 10-year old. Colby Curtin (Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer), was to see Up, but Curtin was too ill to attend the screening. When Pixar heard of this, they sent a Pixar employee to give her a private screening. Curtin’s illness had taken away her eyesight by then, but her mother gave her daughter a play-by-play of the film. Seven hours after she finished watching the movie, Curtin passed away.


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