Apple iPhone 7 To Drop Headphone Jack


Apple iPhone 7 To Drop Headphone Jack

Almost out of nowhere, The rumour mill for Apple iPhone 7 has started churning information.  In a shocker of a news, It seems like Apple would be dropping the headphone jack from the upcoming iPhone 7, making it thinner, lighter, faster and better.

It is also reported that this would pave way for an increased battery life and a more efficient and eco-friendly processor. On part of Apple, This is definitely a very bold move as a headphone jack is almost a standard port present in every phone and not everybody has wireless earphones or headphones.

What this should supposedly mean is that Apple will be introducing Earpods 2.0 which makes sense after it’s acquisition of Beats Audio. The earpods will be powered by beats and would be wireless, to be a complete complement to the iPhone 7.  Other thing that Apple might do is make the earpods connect through the lightning port, Like the Apple pencil.

But, This would also mean that you will no longer be able to use your existing wired headphones/earphones.

New earpods is not the only reason why Apple would be ditching the headphone jack, The removal of the jack will create way for a thinner, faster (Since, There would be space for a bigger processor) and lighter iPhone.

This seems like a bold yet, Confusing move. The iPhone 7 is still 10 months far and there is almost no need to get excited now. Stay tuned.

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