Blackberry Priv Is The Company’s Saviour


Blackberry Priv Is The Company’s Saviour

Blackberry, The name is unanimous with the tech industry. The company was the ultimate mobile manufacturer back in 2008 when it dominated the market alongside Nokia. Corporates loved it, Teens craved for Blackberry messenger and it’s design was looked upon. Unfortunately, The company wasn’t able to adapt to the fast-changing smartphone market and lost all it’s hold on the market.

After Striving for a comeback since a long time, Blackberry has finally made the ultimate device, And they have broken previous stereotypes in the process.

The new Blackberry Priv is company’s saviour. It’s the company’s caped (read : keyboard) crusader and lives to make the company profitable.

I was honestly quite unsure of the Priv when it was first shown on stage. Now, After several hours of research and discussion, I have no doubt that it’s not only Blackberry’s best attempt, But also the ultimate Smartphone.

Blackberry finally gave up trying on it’s on operating system and switched to Android. Priv comes with Lollipop pre-installed and Blackberry claims that the Marshmallow update is coming very soon. Blackberry has also added a 3D-Touch like feature on the Priv which lets you swipe up on some apps and reveal some of their functions. It also has an 18 MP sensor with OIS. Also, as for the technical specs, It has 3 gigs of RAM and a snapdragon 808.

BUT, The main thing that sets Blackberry Priv apart is it’s sliding keyboard which also acts like a very smooth trackpad. The keyboard is the thing. I thought that it was just a normal keyboard, But it’s not. It acts like a full trackpad that lets you scroll through web pages, Move cursor smoothly across the screen, Forward movies etc. The keyboard although is not that spacious but it definitely proves it’s worth.

I honestly think that the phone will quickly capture everybody’s attention and save Blackberry. Now, One more thing to discuss here is whether Nokia/Microsoft should do the same ? Should they or should they not dump Windows Mobile? People are not really switching to Windows Mobile at a pace that was expected and it still lacks several of the key apps. Also, If rumours are to be believed, Nokia and Blackberry might have a merger. Although, Don’t expect this anytime soon, or maybe never.


What do you think of the Priv? Do you agree with me? Will it help save Blackberry or is it too early to tell?

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