Geronimo Is The Coolest E-Mail App That I Have Ever Seen

Geronimo Is The Coolest E-Mail App That I Have Ever Seen

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We all know how far we have come in terms of e-mail applications. From the quirky,old useless email apps to the more sophisticated, quick and noteworthy apps. But, There was still a major problem, The current E-mail apps do not look or feel ‘modern’. They have a very very simple UI which is appropriate for the people looking for just “getting things done” but not for the others.

We all have seen how similar all the e-mail apps are nowadays, With the same UI, Same functions and heck, Some even have similar names. With tons of e-mail apps flooding the App Store , It is very hard to stand out. Geronimo, Out of nowhere has managed to do just that! It is the one of those out-of-the-world app that manages to be very very different. It has a lot of gestures which I love, Also, It sorts emails day by day where each day is a different column and each column is arranged horizontally. It is trying to change some basic norms as well, like pull to refresh is not from up to down, but left to right which I found to be surprisingly convenient.

This is an app that is ostentatious and very useful, Both at the same time, A feat achieved by very few apps in today’s world. I am truly amazed by what the creators have done with the e-mail.

As they say, Better see than think, Here is the live preview of Geronimo:-

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