Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs One Plus 2 : Filling the 400$

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs One Plus 2 : Filling the 400$

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs One Plus 2 : Filling the 400$

So, Today Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the much anticipated Galaxy Note 5. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a no brainer, multitasking powerhouse with the capacity to become the supreme king of android flagships in no time. And then, There is the flagship killer – The One Plus 2. So, How do both of these stack up? We take a quick look.


OnePlus-2-official-1024x784 Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.33.34 PM

Design defines an important part of our smartphone. It defines us and our taste. The aesthetics of our smartphone should definitely be good. Anyway, Coming back to the point, On one side we have the sandstone-plastic back of the One Plus 2 that feels really good in the hand despite of it’s cutting corners.On the other side, We have the oozing metal and glass on the Galaxy Note 5. The design on the Note 5 is that of a bumped up S6, And we are not complaining. After all, It’s all about the feels and the looks. While the One Plus 2 has a more rugged and durable design, The Note 5 is for the boisterous ones.

2. Software

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The software, To me is the most important aspect of any smartphone that I use. Both the One Plus 2 and the Galaxy Note 5 come out of the box with Android Lollipop 5.1. The difference here is that the One Plus 2 runs on Oxygen OS 2.0, The new skin made by One Plus that looks very close to the stock android whereas, The Galaxy Note 5 has the new TouchWiz UI that just launched. The Oxygen OS is very fast and absolutely free of the clutter and bloatware while the TouchWiz is full of gimmicks and features of which more than half you may never use. The real thing here is that TouchWiz lags, Stutters but offers way more features than Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS has very less features (other than that of stock android) but is very fast. Though, As both are android smartphones, You can flash your own Custom ROM anytime you like.

3. Specs

Both the smartphones have tremendous specs, And there are a LOT of similarities too. Both of them have 4 GB RAM and Octa Core processors. Both of them have 3000 mAH batteries. This makes up for a tough call between the two. The reason why Note 5 outshines One Plus 2 in specs is because it has a higher clocked octa core processor, A better camera (16MP VS 13MP) and a higher resolution screen (2K Vs Full HD). But considering the price difference, These things are minimal.

4. Hardware

oneplus-2-alert-slider six-clicks-useful-things-you-can-do-with-the-samsung-galaxy-note-4-s-pen

The story is very different on the hardware side. Although, The One Plus 2 and the Note 5 both have fingerprint scanners, But here is where the similarities end! The One Plus 2 has an alert switch on the left side that lets you have a quick control on the notifications,alerts,call and messages without even turning your smartphone on. The Note 5 , has it’s classic S- Pen. The S-Pen can do a lot of things from noting down anything while the screen is off to saving a contact just by writing it’s name and number. The note 5 also has a heart rate monitor in built, Though you can download any app to get this on the One Plus 2 too.

5. Battery Life

The battery on both the smartphones is approximately the same, But the battery life can absolutely vary. Samsung has a lot more battery consumption, Thanks to the QHD screen and the ever demanding touch wiz UI. The One Plus 2 opted for the more efficient Full HD Display. One important thing to note here is that the Note 5 comes with wireless charging ready and also the famous ultra power saving mode of Samsung. We cannot claim which will last you longer as of now, But will reveal in the following weeks.


The conclusion here is very confusing. This is the first time I don’t have a clear opinion due to the price. But, If you don’t have any pricing constraints, Do not think twice before buying the Galaxy Note 5.

Which smartphone is better in your opinion? Do comment below.

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