Here Is The Only Way Spotify Can Beat Apple Music!

So, We all know that Apple has raised all it’s cannons against the current king of music streaming – Spotify. Spotify currently has the biggest marketshare in music streaming services which accounts for almost 50-70%! It has the best collection of music available as compared to the others like tidal, Pandora etc. 

Enter Apple, And boom! Spotify is in trouble. Apple aims to get almost a 100 million users for Apple Music in a week! How sick is that! If it achieves it’s aims, Spotify’s marketshare will drop down to an all time low – 12%! Now I don’t think Spotify wants to be the nokia of music streaming. Apple Music has many advantages over Spotify like the availability of the hugely popular band – The Beatles and most importantly, The Apple music will come pre-installed in all Apple Devices from now on, Meaning you will not have to download any third party app from the App Store – Like Spotify. Also, Apple doesn’t stop here, For the first time in history, It is releasing it’s app on Android, Which will hugely impact Spotify.

Still, There is hope. One thing that Spotify has that Apple Music doesn’t is the freemium model. Although, Apple will provide it’s services free for the first 3 months, After that it is paid. Where as in the case of Spotify, It already has a freemium model running, But with advertisements. What it needs to do, Is to focus on the market share as of now, Because that is what Apple is trying to do by providing 3 months of free trial. Spotify also has this 3-month free model, But it is not advanced enough to compete with Apple Music as of now. If they start offering their services for free, It will certainly cause them some losses but in the long run, It will be a win-win for the consumers and as well as for the company. 

One more thing that Spotify can do is to redesign the app and it’s functionalities from the roots. Apple music offers 24/7 radio in over 100 countries and also has the support of the whole music industry. To beat that, you definitely need something amazing. Spotify also hasn’t expanded rapidly, It is not a global service, It is not even available in India, Whereas Apple Music is! Don’t let the big corp win this time, Expand, Battle! YOU INVENTED THIS CATEGORY.

Here is the pricing list of all the major music streaming services for your reference:–

This will be an interesting battle to see folks! If you have any other suggestion, Do comment below!

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