Here is Why iOS is winning the Android Vs iOS war.



Here is Why iOS is winning the Android Vs iOS war.

We all know how fierce the battle between Android and iOS has been. Some people call it the debate of the decade, Some say that it is just the repetition of what happened with Windows and Mac. Ignoring all those views, We do know one thing for sure, It is indeed the most fierce battle between two companies in a very long time.

When Android launched, People called it a rip-off and made fun of Google by saying that it is a cheat. Android got a lot of negativity when it launched, but Google admitted that it had expected it. iOS was the king at that time, After the launch of the iPhone which became a huge success, Apple was also at the pinnacle of it’s presence in the tech industry.

After the launch of Android, Things changed quickly. People finally had a choice to choose from. While, It got the criticism that it had expected, The criticism quickly began to clear away. Some were still very critical of this new OS though , But some consumers which were hesitant to go for the expensive iPhone ,  Android phones offered them a cheaper alternative. Steve Jobs (Apple’s CEO) called a thermo nuclear war against Google, because he felt that they had ripped off the iOS.

The iOS also had one major setback – Android was available to ALL the companies for free and they could use it as they wanted to. As a result, Tons of companies flooded the smartphone arena with Android as their OS. Android grew rapidly and was completely dominating the realm until Apple decided to step up it’s game.

Android accounted for 82% of the market share in USA in 2012. This was a huge accomplishment. Now fast forward to today, And the numbers will tell you a different story – 51% iOS and 49% Android in the very same country. Why did this happen? Well, Android, When it came in the beginning was very different from iOS. It was a “NEW” OS and people were excited, even fascinated to use it. Apple was sticking to it’s skeumorphistic design and it was starting look very old in the always changing tech world. Then, Steve Jobs  died and people started saying that Apple has lots it’s innovation. This finally hit Apple and in 2013, It made the biggest overhall to it’s OS till date. iOS 7, introduced many much needed features along with a very beautiful design. The very next year Apple satisified the consumers with an iPhone with a big screen which helped boost it’s sales. This made the growth of iOS substantial.

These are not the only factors though. The real reason why it’s winning is that “IT JUST WORKS”! Android, From the beginning has been known for it’s lags and crashes, While iOS has always been known for it’s fluent performance and stability. Android is also known for it’s vulnerability to viruses, While the closed eco-system of iOS helps keep your phone safe.


Don’t get me wrong, I have used both the OS’s, but iOS just wins it for me every time. Small things that it has compared to the big gimmicks of Android are also a big plus for me. Anyways, I hope Android M has something exciting up it’s sleeves!

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