Apple WWDC 2015. What to expect?

So, Like Every Year, Apple has announced that it would be having it’s annual WWDC from June 8 – June 12. The WWDC is perhaps one of the most exciting tech conferences of the year. You get to meet tons of developers, both big players and newbies, Who have worked day and night to get here.

WWDC also means new iOS and OS X versions! Also, Sometimes WWDC brings in new Apple devices like updated macs , Apple TV etc. This time, The expectations from Apple are pretty high after they delivered some wonderful updates to both – iOS and OS X with the release of redesigned iOS 7 and OS X Yosemite.

This time around there would a LOT to expect from Apple –

1. iOS 9

iOS 9 is not expected to be an overall UI change like we saw with the iOS 7 but an under the hood upgrade that would bring some much needed features and enhancements to iOS users. iOS 9 is also expected to bring a redesigned Siri that will compete directly with Cortana and Google Now.

2. OS X

Apple will also release an update to the Mac OS X which will also be an under the hood update because OS X Yosemite was primarily focused on design. This update to the Mac OS X will not focus on design but rather stability. It is also expected to bring tons of features along with it.

3. New Music Streaming Service

According to rumors, Apple will debut its revamped music service at WWDC. Said to be a rebranding of its existing Beats Music service, the new service will likely be built into iTunes. Early rumors suggested it could be priced at $7.99, below the industry standard, but now it looks like it’ll be $9.99 like other competing services. The recent change in Spotify to give only a 3 month free trial to users can be a major selling point for this new service.

4. New Television Service

A report from The Wall Street Journal has suggested that Apple is working on a new streaming television service that could see a debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple is said to be partnering with several content providers, including ABC, CBS, and Fox. The service will reportedly offer approximately 25 channels and will be available for $30 to $40 per month. Though this is costly, This can still likely happen.

5. Updated Mac

Last year with the launch of the new MacBook, The MacBook Pro with Retina 13″ got the force touch trackpad while the MacBook Pro with Retina 15″ did not. It has also been a long time since Apple updated it’s 15″ Macbook Pro. So, Expect to see them updated.




That’s all what we are expecting! But you never know when Apple wants to surprise you! If you have something else to share, Please drop a comment below.

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