Here Is Why Tesla Inc Can Turn The Whole Tech Industry Upside Down!

Here Is Why Tesla Inc Can Turn The Whole Tech Industry Upside Down!


There are some companies which change the rules, And then there are some that make the rules and Tesla Inc. is definitely the one that makes them. There are only very few companies that become famous in THE Silicon Valley and Tesla is one of them. It is, As they say a ‘Silicon Valley Elite’ company because of it’s immensely popular brand value in the valley and it being a status symbol there.

As you may have noticed above, Tesla Inc. is very disruptive and influential nowadays. The cars,batteries,robots etc. that it is mass producing are becoming one of the most wanted products of the decade. It’s products have been named as the best inventions of the year many-a-times now, and well you expect that when you have a CEO as visionary as Elon Musk.

Now this article is about why Tesla Inc can turn the whole tech industry upside down! This may seem strange, Since Tesla is not “really” related to tech. It is an automobile company, But here is why it can play a big part in evolving the tech industry :-

1. Digital Hub Comes To The Car.

Apple's new CarPlay system will integrate iPhone features, including Siri, into select cars. (Apple photo)
Apple’s new CarPlay system will integrate iPhone features, including Siri, into Tesla cars.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were very busy in the early 2000s thinking what would be next in the computer industry. What they figured out was that there would be a ‘digital hub’ in the future in which all the devices would be interconnected. Now, Since this is the reality today, And you can unlock your cars using your watch , Every big tech company is rushing towards your most used product after your gadgets – Your vehicle (Apple’s Car Play is a recent example). Companies like Google and Apple are reportedly building their own cars but they have to overcome major manufacturing issues and their time is limited. This is where Tesla can practically sweep them off the ground. Tesla is already becoming the undisputed king in the automobile sector with release like the Tesla model S. Also, Tesla is very advanced in tech, Thanks to the work experience and enthusiasm of Elon Musk.

2. Automated Robots And AI.


Recently, Tesla uploaded a video on their official twitter page showing off it’s latest crazy invention what it calls the Snakebot. What SnakeBot does is, It automatically connects to your Tesla car and charges it without even you pressing a button to do so. The robot will automatically start charging once it knows that your car’s battery is not charged enough. Now, The point here is that giants like Apple, Google And Microsoft are trying to build AI since a long time now. While they have succeeded to some extent, But they still haven’t made anything that knows what you need at what time and why! This is what Tesla can do pretty much easily. While Elon Musk personally doesn’t believe in AI (And even states that it can lead to the end of the world!) but Tesla is pretty much ahead than anybody in AI. Also, Tesla knows how to make robots! This can be a big product segment for Tesla which can destroy the businesses of many companies that produce robots for their revenue! Technology much?

3. Batteries! 


“Our goal here is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy,” Musk told reporters gathered in Hawthorne, California. Batteries are an important part of every product that we use. People always want to buy phones with big batteries, This can also be a make or break deal for some. Every mobile phone company is trying to make their phones last longer than others, Be it Sony, Samsung, Apple, One Plus – every one wants their phones to beat the other’s battery life. This is yet another golden opportunity for Tesla which specialises in making batteries. Recently, Elon Musk introduced PowerWall batteries which attach to your car which will practically never finish even for your 10 year old car. This is what the tech industry wants, What if your phone had a never ending battery? Cool,eh? Tesla sure knows how to build one!

And one last reason why they can totally shake the tech world – THEY HAVE ELON MUSK!

What do you think Tesla can do more to achieve this goal? Comment below and share this post!

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