iPad Pro Fails To Impress



“iPad Pro:- Too huge to fail” is what I thought as soon as Apple showed it to the world. The Story of iPad Pro takes us back to 2010, When Apple released it’s first ever iPad, Or as some would say, The very first mainstream tablet. When the original iPad launched, It got a lot of criticism from around the world as people claimed that it is simply a big iPod Touch. Eventually, As people got hands on it, Their perception started changing, And the iPad became a big hit. This time the iPad Pro has a different problem, The iPad is already there.

Designed as the company’s answer to its long-declining tablet sales, Apple wants the iPad Pro to be a laptop killer. But the first slate of reviews suggest that for now, it is primarily a giant iPad with compelling features. Want it to use it as a tablet? Too big. Want to use it as a laptop? Attach the 169$ keyboard and still you won’t have the required apps or softwares that you ACTUALLY need on a laptop.

I also talked to some people regarding this, Thinking that maybe I was a little biased towards it, But turns out, Almost nobody is as excited for the latest Apple Gizmo. This is the first ever time that an Apple product is failing to “woo” customers towards it.

The biggest problem the iPad is facing is SOFTWARE. Apple cannot simply put a bumped up version of iOS on an iPad anymore. This is not 2012 when the iPad was capable of doing many things other companies had not even thought of implementing and iPads were selling like hotcakes, iPad sales are down by 19% this year! The buzz is around Surface Pro and people are looking to switch. Apple’s iOS is among the finest mobile operating systems, but at its current state, it is not in a position to compete against Windows, or even its sibling, OS X. While Apple has laced the new operating system with several features such as Split-Screen, and Pinch-to-Zoom among others that truly make the device capable of performing multitasks, the experience is not so great yet.

Also, My iPad Air 2 can do almost everything the iPad Pro can do. From Split Screen Multitasking to the trackpad gesture in the keyboard, Giving me almost no reason to upgrade to the iPad Pro.


Another big problem is the price itself. The iPad Pro starts at a very high price point. A non-cellular 128Gb iPad Pro will cost you a staggering 900$ without the keyboard and the Apple pencil. Enter Macbook Air, Which also starts at the same price, Gives you better performance and comes with OS X pre-installed. This is where the iPad Pro is failing. Apple is making it’s own products eat other Apple products market share. The company has a lot of cannibalism going on. Seriously.


So, What is next? What should Apple do? Where to go now?

Apple CEO, Tim Cook clearly told everybody that “converged Mac and iPad” will never happen. He says that Apple will continue both the categories simultaneously and there will never be a merger. He also claimed that mixing the two would be trying too hard and failing at the ultimate purpose.

To improve sales, Apple should really re-invent the iPod now. It’s been several years since we have seen even a hint of a new iPod. Apple is slowly trying to kill it, But that’s exactly what it should not do.

iPod Prediction

The iPod would surge sales like crazy as people are looking to upgrade their older iPods. The iPod could act like a gaming and a full fledged music device, Just like the old days. With the launch of Apple Music, It makes it all the more compelling to launch a new iPod. If Apple prices it carefully, It could prove to be a big hit, Even bigger than the original iPad.


All that we can really do is wait now, Eagerly. Apple is really flickering right now and we don’t know what it has ready for the future. All in all, For me the iPad Pro fails bigtime. What do you think about this article? What do you think Apple should do? Comment and Share.

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