Samsung Is Gearing Up To Release A Cheap Fitness Band Soon

Samsung Is Gearing Up To Release A Cheap Fitness Band Soon


Today only, Xiaomi updated it’s best selling fitness band – The Xiaomi Mi Band. The new band, named Mi Band 1S adds a heart rate sensor to the already cheap Mi Band without increasing price (15$ or 999Rs).

The rumour mill is now churning up that Samsung, seeing the success that the Mi Band has achieved is gearing up to release a competitor to the famous product.

One advantage that Samsung has over any other cheap fitness band maker (Misfit, Xiaomi etc.) is that it has a lot more production capacity and the money required to market and mass produce the band. Xiaomi, On the other hand is unable to cater to it’s customers and it’s band sells within a few seconds after it’s sale starts. Also, Only very few people are aware of the Mi Band.

Samsung has already stepped up it’s game in wearables by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch S2 which was a huge upgrade from it’s ancestral looking clumsy Galaxy Watch S earlier.

Also, With the addition of the heart rate sensor, Xiaomi has made it almost impossible for any other company to compete in it’s range. The company already had a very huge marketshare in this range and it is now aiming for full domination.

If rumours are to be believed, Samsung’s band will also be a no-sloudge. It is expected to come with a mind boggling 2 month battery life (As compared to 1 month of the Mi Band), High Quality Carbon Fibre material and also all the other perks that every fitness band has to offer.

Another advantage that Samsung enjoys is the connectivity that it can offer to current Samsung S-Health users which comes pre-installed in almost every smartphone that Samsung sells. This can help them create a whole new eco-system for the band.

While targeting the cheap price range is it’s short term goal, Also expect Samsung to target the higher price range which will make it a direct competitor to the most profitable fitness band maker in the world – Fitbit.

Consumers are already very fed up of Fitbit’s high-priced inaccurate fitness bands and are looking for alternatives but unfortunately there are none. Fitbit right now is at the pinnacle of it’s success and is enjoying mass revenue and funding from all around the world.

Developing countries are still very unsaturated in terms of fitness wearables and there is a huge gap that needs to be filled.


Which company do you think will be able to capture and dominate the fitness market ? Why?

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