Launching Storily

Launching Storily

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Launching Storily , The Ultimate Social Network for Storytellers, Poets , Bloggers or for anyone who is interested in writing or reading awesome stuff.
“Once Upon A Time, there was no place for Storytellers, Poets , Bloggers , Authors or Writers in general to hang out at and show the world what they had been upto. And Then, Storily came into existence for revolutionising the creative fabric of the masses.

Storily is the home that every writer deserves.

– The place to truly express yourself or Share your creations for the whole world to admire.

– The place to get connected with the great authors/poets.

– Send and Receive fan mails because the feeling that a true fan gives is way beyond a simple comment.

– Get auto suggestions for the right pick if you’re struggling to find an apt starting line.

– Provides hints for your storyline just when you need a push.

– Encourage the masterpieces and be indifferent to clumsy stuff (Using ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ button to express your true feelings)

– And the most loved masterpieces would get featured for you to boast upon.

Storily also provides different formats for Stories and Poems. You can be an anonymous writer if you wish to be. Your name wouldn’t be displayed until chosen.”

This is the biggest project that I have worked on yet. Please Download and Spread the word!

App Store Link –…

Facebook Link –

Twitter Link –

Do spread the word!

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