Netflix Goes Global

Netflix Goes Global

Netflix Goes Global

Netflix Goes Global

Just now, Netflix has announced that it is going global. Netflix Goes Global! The service is now available in more than 130 new countries including India and Russia. It’s a huge expansion of the company’s footprint, with China the notable exception to major markets where you can now stream its content.

Netflix’s biggest advantage is that it has it’s self-produced quality shows and movies and lets you stream them from anywhere including your tv, mobile phone , tablet etc.

This is a very big move for Netflix! The Netflix site is crashing again and again at the time of writing this article as it is experiencing a very large amount of traffic. So, to help you , Here are the fares/charges for one month of Netflix subscription for users based in India :-

Netflix Goes Global
Charges for one month (India)

Users also get a first free month to test whether they like Netflix or not.

Netflix says that its service “Won’t be available in Crimea, North Korea, and Syria due to US government restrictions on American companies.” And major series like House of Cards and Orange is The New Black may not be available in markets where Netflix doesn’t own the distribution rights. But the company is increasingly moving to own those rights for its original content, And is constantly pushing itself to produce as much new content for 2016 as it can.

One major challenge for Netflix to uphold it’s image in emerging markets would be if it can function reasonably on low internet speeds. Take for instance India, While metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai , Chennai etc. have fast internet connections, Some places don’t even have a proper 3G connection.

Another major challenge is that the target audience for Asian markets is very different than that of America. Many Indian users are solely focused on watching the daily TV soaps and the lack of such shows on Netflix might make a very big difference.

Not surprisingly, The stock price of Netflix surged over 6% just 5 minutes after the announcement was made.

We hope Netflix will be able to gear up for this challenge and markets itself accordingly.

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