LG G5 Is The Android Phone You’ve Been Waiting For


LG G5 Is The Android Phone You've Been Waiting For
New Modular Design

LG G5 Is The Android Phone You’ve Been Waiting For

Every Year, I eagerly wait for all the Android Manufacturers to unveil something extra ordinary but, I end up disappointed because all they focus on are the specs. The whole launch announcement is based on how fast the phone is, How much RAM it has, The amount of Mega Pixels in it’s camera etc.

This year, LG has finally changed that. I was a bit free so decided to live stream the event, Expecting the usual boring announcement. But, To my surprise, The specs were no where to be heard! The event was fashioned with big bold statements.

My initial impressions are that this definitely will be the Android phone of the year.



LG G5 Is The Android Phone You've Been Waiting For
The Camera Grip

The LG G5 has a design quite similar to the one seen on the Nexus 6P, With the dimple at the back which acts as a fingerprint scanner, And a small bulge which holds the camera. Though, Lower your eyes to the bottom and things start to change. The bottom part of the phone is completely removable and holds the battery. But, It has different purposes. LG has introduced accessories which it calls “Friends”. One “Friend” acts as a camera enhancer which brings zoom slider, Dedicated shoot button etc. to the phone through this removable part.


LG G5 Is The Android Phone You've Been Waiting For
The New Screen Blows Away

The screen is a Quad HD one with a new technology called “Always on”. The screen brightness is beyond what we have ever seen. The display will be crispy clear even in direct sunlight.


The LG G5 has 2 Cameras at the rear instead of one. The company claims that this will increase the scope of the view drastically along with the quality. One camera has 75° Field of View (FoV) and 16MP sensor, the second camera is much wider, 135° and 8MP sensor. Images from both cameras can be merged with various effects and a real-time preview.


The Specs are what you will expect from a flagship phone like this. The LG G5 is powered by a Snapdragon 820 chipset wtih 4GB of RAM. It has 32GB storage on board and a microSD slot. It’s 7.5mm-8mm thick and packs a small-ish 2,800mAh battery.

User Interface

The User Interface is not as good as you would expect. It is not polished and looks very childish. But since this is an Android phone, Nobody would really care about this due to the tons of themes available on the Play Store.


Over all, This phone is for those of you who are bored with the same old Android flagships. This is quite a different phone in the market which stands out perfectly fine. Although, Some people may not be fond of the design.

It would be exciting to see now what Samsung has up it’s sleeve. This will definitely increase the expectations from the S7. After the dull 2015, Let’s hope this year turns out exciting for the tech industry!

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