Microsoft is finally cool again!

Microsoft is finally cool again!


So Yesterday, all hell broke loose. Yesterday, We saw a legendary company coming out from it’s dormancy.

Microsoft is now not synonymous with laptops or computers, A feat that it boasted about only about 5-7 years ago. But, It has been really “unlucky” since then.

The company, which seemed to have made a series of repeated misfires over the last few years, got up on stage and presented its new offerings – The all new Surface Pro 4 and the SurfaceBook. The new Microsoft is building cool things again — and it shows in its enthusiasm. 

The company threw some shade on Apple too, Not once but many times during the conference. First, They told that the new Surface Pro 4 is 50% faster than the MacBook Air (The go-to laptop for corporates). Second, They said that the SurfaceBook performs  two times better than the Macbook Pro and they did not stop at that! Last but not the least, They made a better stylus than Apple pencil and they were not afraid to mock Apple at that. We all know that Microsoft Vs Apple is the stuff of legend, THEY DON’T STOP, But what we did not know was that Microsoft,The company being highly criticised nowadays could take a jab at Apple too!

Things are really getting exciting for Microsoft, It is trying to show the public why it is quoted as the pioneer of digital revolution.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft showed it had the thirst to be back on top again. Fast-forward to today’s unveil of the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, it displayed impressive hardware chops to match that! My first reaction after seeing the new devices yesterday was “What? This is Microsoft , The boring old Microsoft, What is it doing?!” and I got the answer today :-

Microsoft is finally cool again!

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