The Note 7 Is Not ‘Noteworthy’ At All

The Note 7 Is Not 'Noteworthy' At All
The Note 7 Is Not 'Noteworthy' At All
The Note 7 Is Not ‘Noteworthy’ At All

The Note 7 Is Not ‘Noteworthy’ At All

So Yesterday, We got the Note 7, Skipping over the Note 6 entirely and yet, It’s a bummer in the name of the series.

The Note series is considered one of the most powerful and sought after series of Samsung and it has all the right to be that famous. Responsible for pushing your smartphone’s screen size bigger and bigger every year, The Note is responsible for the origin of the Phablets. It is known to offer the most powerful package available in a smartphone and often overshadows Samsung’s very own S Series entirely, But this year things are different.

Don’t get me wrong, The Note 7 is a beautiful phone and still packs powerful specs, But it is not “Noteworthy” at all! See, The thing is that we are used to getting a note┬áthat overshadows every other phone in the market, And here comes Note 7 with nothing game changing and with the very same design as that of the S7. They’ve taken the features of Note 5 and put it into the waterproof package of Galaxy S7, Might as well just call it Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

This also clearly shows that the Note Series is now becoming the second priority flagship series for Samsung, The first one clearly being the S Series.

Coming to the specs, You can notice a strange crossover between the Galaxy S7 and the Note 7, With the same processors, Camera, 4Gb RAM, SD Card slot…etc.

While the Note bumps up the default storage to 64Gb, What comes off as surprising is that the phone that was boisterous to show off it’s battery capacity no longer can, As it comes with less battery (3500 mAh) as compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge (3600 mAh)!

Now, It is not all negative. The phone does have some improvements like the storage capacity, USB C Type , Iris Scanner (Gimmick?!) and the updated and waterproof S-Pen. But that is all that it has to offer right now. People’s chosen hero has been sidelined to pave way for only ONE Samsung flagship Series to rule it all – The Galaxy S Series.

I am certainly very critical of this move by Samsung, The Note 2 was my first Android phone and it certainly excited me to own a phone/Phablet THAT powerful and the S-Pen was new and refreshing compared to the Original Note.

Now.. I am unsure whether the Note will be the first choice of People anymore.

Truly, The Times They Are A Changin’…

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